The importance of Newborn Photography

During your baby’s first week of life, you and your growing family will be going through lots of adjustments and will no doubt be tired. But this is an important time to have your baby professionally photographed. There is nothing quite like the first few weeks of your baby’s life. Your child will never again change so quickly, those tiny details and newborn qualities will disappear seemingly overnight.
A baby’s first two weeks of life pass by rapidly. They may be peeling, and wrinkly, and their umbilical cord is still attached, but this time is quickly over and you will want to remember this precious newborn stage forever.
I recommend parents book a newborn session within baby’s first 10 days, the earlier the better. Newborn babies are very sleepy which is ideal for capturing that curled up position like they had in the womb.
Truthfully, Mum and Dad are perfectly able to take pictures of their little bundle of joy, but nothing can compare to having a professional photographer document this beautiful yet fleeting moment in your baby’s life. A newborn session provides parents with a chance to record the joyous experience of parenthood and their new little life so that their baby’s first weeks of life will never be forgotten.